Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What happens when engineers n Architects Mess up

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What shall we call these, construction mistakes or errors or goof ups? What ever we call it, it won't change a thing and still these look hilarious. Its quite surprising to see these and we really wonder how the engineers and architects who were part of these constructions must have reacted seeing them.

When we first saw this bridge, we thought it to be shopped. But later we knew how wrong we were: 'Survey-scale inaccuracy or positioning errors can lead to costly construction mistakes such as bridge misalignment.

Fixing poles isn't as easy as it looks.
How would one use this bridge to get across the tracks?

We really wonder what was in the mind of the engineers when they went ahead with these stairs and where they wanted it to connect.

For using these stairs, one needs to use the windows.

The entrance seems to be missing.

If one needs to use this ATM, there seems to be no other option than being on one's toes.

For using these toilet 's there can possibly be some pissin over each other.

One need to resize their cars, to park in these garages.

You have a balcony but no access to it unless you climb down from the neighbours.

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